Wood Product Care

Understanding the care for wood products is the difference of a few years and a lifetime. Hay River Company uses high quality woods that are made to last and caring for them in the correct manner will help keep them looking new.


We like to breakdown care in two sections. One being food safe and the other being sealed safe.



This category will include things that will touch food or be near food. This includes: cutting boards, serving boards, items like our coffee scoops, wine caddy, bread knives, and all things kitchen. 

The goal of a finish for a food safe product is to seal and protect the wood, yet let it breathe. For this we use a high grade mineral oil, which can be found at most hardware stores. You NEVER want to run these products through a dish washer! 

Let's use a cutting board for our cleaning example. You just sliced up that beautifully smoked chicken on your new cutting board, and it needs to be cleaned. Our go to advice is to squeeze a little lemon juice on the board, add some coarse salt, and lightly scrub clean. You would then rinse with warm water, using only just enough water to clean off. You can always add a little baking soda to help eliminate foul smells!

Once you get clean, set aside to air dry thoroughly. You can now add another light coat of mineral oil, wiping any excess oil off. This isn't necessary every time you clean your board, but some prefer to do so.



What we call "seal safe" are things we actually seal. This would include cribbage boards, coffee mug holders, signs, coasters, or any other permanently sealed product.


This is typically done with polyurethane and is sealed for the life of the product. These types of products do not require sealing until it is worn through, which should be almost never. 


It is best to keep these products away from water and moisture, as well as sunlight for an extended period of time.