About Us

After working in the machine tool trade for 13+ years, I decided to take my talents somewhere worth the impact. I started teaching middle school and high school Technology Education in 2022, and love inspiring students. This is a great chance everyday to showcase my own personal journey in a small business and help students utilize their talents to help them grow. 


My dream has always been to start a wood shop and somehow incorporate my skills in the machining field. Starting January 5th, 2023 I was able to do just that with the support of my wife. With the purchase of our first CNC router, I was able to start producing quality wood work and expand our capabilities here in Northwestern Wisconsin. On February 14th, 2024, we purchased our second CNC machine as we took on larger quantity projects. 


I really enjoy my time meeting new clients, creating custom designs, and seeing my work in many homes. I truly have a passion for creating things and all the love and support helps me do that every day. Hay River Company was created to share a love of mine and to create connections through high quality, practical products. This has been a great experience teaching both my two step-sons many skills in our shop as well. 


Thank you for taking time to see what we have to offer and if there is anything we can do to make our products a part of your home, please let us know.


 -Danny McLennan

Owner/Founder of Hay River Company


My wife and I love to tackle new adventures, even if it's in our own woods. Traveling national parks has become something we truly enjoy. Excited for our kids to get big enough to take on these hikes with us!